ANC discussion papers: Economy, climate change and migration among big concerns

David Mahlobo.

Alet Pretorius, Gallo Images

  • The ANC organizes its political conference in July.
  • The party is concerned about the impact of the declining economy.
  • David Mahlobo says the economy, climate change and migration are the party’s top concerns.

ANC Peace and Stability President David Mahlobo says the party is concerned about the impact of the declining economy on South Africa’s relative stability.

Mahlobo says the government must deal with the impact of the economy’s slow growth on poverty and unemployment.

These problems, he says, often lead to fierce competition for resources, violent protests and an unstable country.

The July 2021 unrest, which resulted in widespread looting in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, was one of the critical economic threats to the country, according to Mahlobo.

He was briefing the media on Thursday on the ANC’s discussion papers on peace and stability.

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The party is holding a policy conference in July, where it will present some of its key policy recommendations.

Mahlobo said the ANC was concerned that some people were taking advantage of the economic situation, leading to attacks on foreigners.

The ANC was also concerned about the mainland’s security issues, which led to increased migration and instability.

He admitted that the ANC’s goal of achieving an “arms-free continent” by 2020 had not been achieved.

“Human security issues, poverty, inequality and marginalization… need to be addressed, and it remains a security threat if governments cannot act and improve people’s lives,” said Mahlobo.

Another concern of the ANC was the impact of climate change on the security of the African continent.

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“If climate change and mitigation measures are not taken into account, they can pose a security threat because there is going to be movement of people and competition for resources. As soon as we start fighting over the resources, it will be the survival of the fittest, whether it is water or food. Climate change must be tackled,” said Mahlobo.

The ANC is also concerned about the rise in xenophobic attacks.

Mahlobo said clashes between South Africans and foreigners were the wrong approach to migration.

He said the ANC believed strongly in the strict enforcement of migration laws, but with a conscious approach that people seek refuge from conflict.

“The issue of migration needs to be addressed. Where there are wars it leads to increased migration. We are concerned about the movement of people in areas like Mozambique,” he said.


On the world stage, the ANC plans to remain neutral in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Mahlobo said the party is concerned about the impact of the war on developing countries and its effects on supply chains, which have driven up commodity prices.

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“Our attitude as the ANC is that these conflicts must end. We want the warring factions to be able to sit around a table, and we should be able to discuss these issues.

“Our political documents reaffirm the importance of multilateralism, including respect for the institutions that bring us together. Our views have not changed around the reconfiguration and transformation of the United Nations Security Council.

“It remains a structure that is not representative, not inclusive, but it discusses issues that affect us on our continent,” Mahlobo said.

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