As production booms, top Hungarian projects head to Cannes

The Hungarian film industry is booming, with a record 241 domestic productions – including feature films, shorts, documentaries and TV series – produced in 2021. Here is a selection of the best projects in the pipeline or sold during the Cannes Market:

As long as the grass grows
Director: Aron Gauder
Producer: Réka Temple (Cinemon Entertainment)
Gauder (“The District”, winner of the Annecy main prize, tells an alternative creation myth, in which humanity is only one of many creatures in the animal kingdom, and offers a hopeful story according to which it is not too late to correct course and save the planet.

Director: Ádám Tősér
Producer: Tamás Lajos (Film Positive Productions)
Based on the true story of the country’s first democratically elected Prime Minister, the film follows József Antall’s journey from a freedom fighter during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution to the infamous 1990 taxi blockade that rocked the nation .
Sales: NFI Global Sales

The game
Director: Peter Fazakas
Producer: Tamás Lajos (Film Positive Productions)
A standalone sequel to Péter Bergendy’s hit 2012 film “The Exam,” the spy thriller follows the intrigues of the secret police in 1960s Budapest.
Sales: NFI Global Sales

The Grand son
Director: Kristof Deak
Producer: Tamas S. Zakonyi (Flashback Media)
Deák’s feature debut, which won an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short, is a coming-of-age drama disguised as a crime thriller with dark, comedic undertones.
Sales: NFI Global Sales

Game Master
Director: Barnabas Toth
Producer: Janos Szurmai (Innoplay Kft.)
Nominated for an Oscar in 2020 in the international film race for ‘Those Who Remain’, Tóth’s upcoming feature film is based on a novel by Austrian writer Stefan Zweig and follows a revolutionary young couple aboard the last train leaving Budapest after the 1956 Russian invasion.

not a thing
Director: Fanni Szilágyi
Producer: Agi Pataki, Edina Kenesei (Partnersfilm)
In a dual role, Hungarian star Natasa Stork (“Preparing to be together for an unknown time”) plays identical twins who fall in love with the same man and must face the lies they tell each other in order to take fate into their life. own hands.