Manitowoc: Popular Potain MCT 135 added to production line at Pune plant following success in emerging markets

  • The Potain MCT 135 tower crane launched in 2021 is built at the Manitowoc factory in Zhangjiagang, China

  • After achieving commercial success in many emerging markets, the crane will now also be built in Pune, India.

  • The units built in India will meet the growing local market demand for topless tower cranes. It will be offered in 6 t and 8 t versions.

Manitowoc has launched production of its popular Potain MCT 135 topless tower crane at its plant in Pune, India. The company announced the new local production addition at Excon 2022, which took place in Bengaluru in May.

As customer demand for the topless tower cranes increases, the company expects the new addition to become an instant hit in India and surrounding markets. Manitowoc is already building another Potain topless crane at its Pune plant, the smaller Potain MCT 85.

With the announcement of the Potain MCT 135 made in India, Manitowoc also announced that it will be phasing out production of the MC 125 saddle jib tower crane. The MCT 135 offers improved strength and easier transportation and erection. easy compared to the MC 125.

Prashant Suryawanshi, managing director of Manitowoc Cranes India, said there was already substantial interest in the locally produced MCT 135.

“Customers are impressed with the crane’s performance, especially its lifting capacity over the entire load curve,” he said. “It also offers speed, flexibility and can be installed on even the most compact projects. With two models available, customers can choose the one that best suits their needs.”

The MCT 135 was launched at Manitowoc’s site in Zhangjiagang, China in 2021. The H6 version can lift up to 6 t and support the load up to a maximum of 19.3 m when working with its full jib of 60 m. For the H8 version, up to 8 t can be lifted up to 15.3 m when fitted with the full boom. With its full 60m boom armament, the entire top of the crane will move in just five containers. It can be assembled in about 1.5 days on a well-prepared job site.

Quick and easy

The crane is mounted on Potain’s popular 1.6m (L46) mast sections which have articulated joints, for quick and easy connection. There are also two counter-boom configurations to increase the MCT 135’s suitability for tough working conditions. And greater flexibility comes from seven boom sections that can be adapted in configurations from 30m to 60m horizontal reach.

The latest frequency-controlled mechanisms ensure that lifting operations are carried out at an optimal rate, whether in high-speed movements for material transfer or super slow speeds for precise positioning.

Multiple choice

The H8 benefits from the 40 LVFC 20-1 Optima hoist which allows the MCT 135 to lift 1 t up to 98 m/min, and 4 t at 40.5 m/min. It also offers an impressive 375m rope capacity. With a cable capacity of 400 m, the 33 Optima LVF 15s of the H6 can lift 0.75 t at 102 m/min and 3 t at 36 m/min. Benefiting from continuously variable speed control, both models now offer lowering speeds that can be up to 25% faster than lifting speeds. Each model has two carriage options and a choice of two swivel mechanisms.

Manitowoc’s new tower crane has undergone extensive testing at its Zhangjiagang plant from the design phase to ensure long life and a five-year warranty on structural parts.

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