Migration Assistant with a single monitor

Do you have an external USB drive available?
One that is capable of holding all the contents of the Intel Mini disk?

NOTE: Tell your friend to leave the new Mini “in the box” until you are ready to connect the USB drive.
This is important – you do NOT want to create an account on the new Mini until the actual “migration” has started.

So… do it like this:
Download CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper.
Both are FREE to download and use for 30 days.
SuperDuper might work better for this operation.
Doing things “my way” will cost you nothing.

Use SD to clone Intel drive content to USB drive.

Now configure the NEW Mini.
Connect the USB flash drive and press the power button for the first time.

Start the setup.
At the appropriate time, the setup wizard asks you if you want to migrate from another computer or drive.
YES, you want to do it.
So… “show the way” for the setup wizard by directing it to the USB stick.

Give the setup wizard time to “digest” everything, it will take a bit of time.

The setup wizard will present you with a list of items to migrate.
I suggest you migrate everything.

Now… let it go.
It will take some time to “move everything”.
When done, your friend should see their login screen just like it did before.
So… log on and look around.

BE AWARE that some older apps (especially 32-bit apps) will not work.
Other apps will need to be upgraded.

Good luck.