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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is committed to facilitating the export of tree crops

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has indicated its commitment to facilitate the export of non-traditional crops (NTE).

According to the Director General, Patrick Yaw Nimo, the ministry has implemented policies and initiatives to ensure that businesses as well as farmers benefit fully from the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, with an emphasis on manufacturing and production.

Speaking at the 2021 Regional Fair Trade Convention in West Africa, he urged stakeholders to trade more with each other and with the continent.

“I am convinced that with the onset of the African Continental Free Trade Area, the potential of Ghana and its African partners to trade with each other and the rest of the world is further enhanced despite the decline of the pandemic. This is why, in recent years, the government has focused its efforts and resources on building manufacturing and value chain capacities through agri-food processing, which has been a priority under the support provided under the One District, One Factory program, ”he said.

Fair Trade Global Managing Director Dr Nyagoy Nyong’o revealed that an amount of € 15 million has been generated both internally and externally to address the challenges facing farmers caused by the Covid pandemic. 19.

“The effect of covid-19 has been shown to be diverse and intense. We realized that the Fairtrade Premium would not be able to cover all their needs and as such, we embarked on an internal and external fundraising which, to date, has raised around 15 million euros. », She revealed.

Meanwhile, member of the Fairtrade Ghana network, Florence Blankson appealed to the Ghana Cocoa Board for collaboration to regulate cocoa prices to enable an appropriate distribution of the living income differential.

“There is this challenge of delaying the payment of cocoa farmers which negatively affects the producers, the members in a not insignificant way. In this vain wish, we call for a committed collaboration of the Ghana Cocoa Board and all trading partners to resolve the issues so that cocoa farmers and the nation as a whole can take advantage of the living income differential, ”he said. she implored.

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