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It is not possible to give a very general advice on which real estate agent you should use. This is because the price level varies greatly and so does the quality of service they provide for you. It can be said that it is not uncommon for at least USD 15,000 from the most expensive to the cheapest to complete the sale.

The advertising comes in addition.


And since there are also no good surveys that provide the answer to which broker is the best, you need to research several before choosing the one that will sell your exact home. The rates are usually between 2 and 3% commission of the first million housing goes for. Above this, brokers usually take between 0.7 and 1.5% of the excess. But it also operates with minimum rates. These are between USD 10,000 and USD 20,000. Most often, there are one or two views included in the price.

Can a Broker works is easy


You should know that you can bargain on the broker’s fee! This is a very good tip to take with you. Therefore, contact several brokers when selling your home and ask them to come home to you for a review of what they can do and how much it will cost. It’s free and gives you tremendously important information for your upcoming sale. Whether you are using the new web brokers or choosing a traditional broker, you are the one who has to make decisions and follow the process.

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Use your credit card wisely!

When we talk about credit, credit card most people still feel double. On the one hand, they know that this is something that they may need in the course of their lives, but somehow it is well known that it is expensive, expensive and only worth it to the bank. With this latter thought, it’s worth playing a little, and it’s the credit card that you can refute a little.

Let go of the myth!


It is not just the bank that benefits from the loan. First of all, when it comes to buying a home, it’s worth noting that it is fundamentally wrong to say that only a bank is good. So we are a believer in numbers, and it is a fact that the numbers show that we are repaying more than the amount of credit we have borrowed. We don’t argue with it, but what do we gain by borrowing? A new. we move to the home where we want to live. If it weren’t for the bank that gives the loan, then it would take many, many years to raise money to buy a nice apartment or house for the “chap”. In fact, there are also solutions to make your loan cheaper, we’ve read more about it here .

High interest rate to the financial institution


Of course, the myth is also true for credit cards. Basically, this contract is about giving us money, which we can use at our discretion, and if we don’t pay it back on time, we have to transfer a relatively high interest rate to the financial institution. If we interpret the words correctly, we see the pitfalls and the opportunity. We can help you!

Correct use of credit card

Correct use of credit card

Simply put, we can use the bank’s money for free if we give it back in time. If we use a credit card, we get different discounts and rewards points that can be redeemed later, such as airline tickets or the like. This is worth getting, all you have to do is set an amount that you can’t exceed with your credit card (this is possible everywhere). And then, as soon as our payment arrives, we will immediately replenish the credit line. It’s so simple.

We use a credit card on a regular basis, and in one year we have made a visible payment. Interested in such ideas? How can such benefits be obtained? Contact us! We will give you a straight and clear answer to all your questions.

Bank Loans Online – Payday Loans

The service of searching and raising a bank loan online or over the internet has now become, thanks to the development of technology, to a large mass of people.

Online bank loans are the most sought after type of lending due to fast online lending

Online bank loans

Thus, technologically (but also financially) the most developed countries, by the logical order of the first, began to offer ‘online bank lending’ services, and later with the development of the internet and introduction of the same in almost every household, this mobile lending service expanded.

Although in some of the more technologically developed parts of the world such services have been recognized for a long time and have become an indispensable financing trend to this day, ‘ online bank loans ‘ have been available to us somewhat shorter, but have been present in lending for the last ten years.

As Croatia strives to keep pace with the advancement of world technology and the development of the foreign financial market, online bank lending services have quickly become a trend in our market as well, and online lending today is one of our most sought after loans.

Online bank loans came to us at the right time

Online bank loans came to us at the right time

It is also important to note that ‘online bank lending’ appeared in our market at the right time, which also contributed to the rise in popularity soon after it emerged. They can also be used as loans without company certification.

Namely, the possibility of online fast lending, as well as online bank loans, became more widely available in our region at a time when many citizens were looking for debt relief but were no longer eligible for large loans, their long-term repayment, nor the conditions required for them.

By accelerating the pace of life and changing jobs from one permanent to two or more side jobs, there was also a need for a different way of lending – the urban pace of work and life was looking for loans that will not waste too much time and are quickly realized and for which we do not need superfluous paperwork, guarantors or surety, numerous office visits, meetings and arrangements. Thus, online bank loans have emerged at the best of times, providing an opportunity for quick lending, but also for raising smaller loans that we will not repay for years, thus tying our finances for a long period. In addition, they provided the opportunity to borrow without leaving their home.

Online bank loans are completely secure

Online bank loans are completely secure

However, there are still many skeptics who fear such lending for security reasons, but also those who have been bypassed by the information age, so the very concept of online and online bank lending is unclear to them. However, to date, there has never been a case to date that online lending or online bank lending went wrong.

Although we have all heard about hacking, it seems that in the case of banks and lending companies, online lending is completely secure for the time being, and most banks and lending institutions are fully responsible for the protection of data. Otherwise, for ‘online bank loans’, you will need to send a copy of your bank ID and current account via e-mail, mostly by mail, and an excerpt showing the last three months of your income.

A service that is popular despite bad trends

A service that is popular despite bad trends

More than security, which is obviously not a problem, the Croats are still at the bottom in terms of financial knowledge, namely among the 29 countries in which the financial literacy survey was conducted, Croatia is at the lowest, 27th place. Another worrying fact is the knowledge of computer science, especially since, at least until the announced school reform, it is not even a compulsory subject in elementary school (just for comparison, let’s mention that Chinese are learning basic coding and programming in the first grade!), So research on our information literacy is devastating. as much as she does about financial a show that 40 percent of adults between the ages of 25 and 60 have never turned on their computer!

However, despite the devastating picture of our financial and IT literacy, online lending has also been an online success that can be ignored, so we will assume that the majority of young people who are educated and those who are older who make the internet work are inevitable ; be it for ordering goods online and paying for them, social networks, internet banking that some use to pay bills, etc… The internet has proven to be an indispensable part of the financial world because of the speed of things, so it is no wonder that nowadays it is normal to use it for online loans – which may be in your account within 15 minutes of the online submission of the Bank’s loan documentation.


Sign a mixed mortgage loan, an unattractive option both short and long term – Nora Helmer


The entities ensure that with these products we will be protected for a while, but from the financial comparator Good Finance they warn that, given the current scenario, signing a mixed-rate mortgage loan is not a recommended option.

Most expensive initial fees

Most expensive initial fees

As explained by Good Finance, mixed mortgages marketed in Spain have a fixed interest of around 2% on average that is applied between the first five and 20 years. Once this initial term has elapsed, these loans have a variable rate referenced to the Euribor, with an average differential of about 1% (although certain entities offer differentials of 0.99% or up to 0.85%).

Consequently, during that time we cannot benefit from the low price of the Euribor, which currently has a value of -0.19% (average of April 2018). Recall that variable mortgages have an interest of approximately 1% plus 1%, so the difference between the price of the installments of these two products is really pronounced.

Let’s look at it with an example. Imagine that we ask the bank for 150,000 euros, to be repaid in 25 years, and this gives us two possibilities: mortgages with a variable rate of Euribor plus 1% (with an initial fixed of 2% the first year) or to contract a mixed interest loan 2% during the first 10 years and Euribor plus 1% for the rest of the term.

As we see in the table, if the Euribor traded at an average of less than 1% during the first decade (which is the most likely scenario), the variable mortgage would always be cheaper. For example, with an average Euribor at 0.5%, with the variable rate loan, we would pay some installments of 601.19 euros, while with the mixed mortgage we would have to pay monthly payments of 635.78 euros.

Its stability expires


The mixed mortgage, therefore, would only be cheaper than the variable if there were a large rise in the Euribor in the short term, in which case we would be protected by the initial fixed. However, after the period has elapsed at a fixed rate, the interest would be referenced to this index, so it should be lowered again so that the fees are not increased.

This is a carambola that is very difficult to end up giving, so from Good Finance they advise, if what you are looking for is stability, opt directly for a fixed mortgage. These products are somewhat more expensive than a year ago, but they still offer very attractive types.

Fixed Mortgage


Two of the most prominent examples are the BBVA Fixed Mortgage, whose 20-year interest is only 1.95%, and the Bankinter Fixed Mortgage, at 2.15% at 20 years. Also interesting are some offers such as the Fixed Mortgage, which despite having a somewhat higher interest (2.80% at 20 years), does not have commissions or related products, which represents a considerable saving for the holder.

Save or Invest?

The importance of saving is well known to all, especially because there are more and more financial institutions that flood us with publicity about it. Just look at the commercials about the “savers”, the “crusades of savings”, among others. While it is true, saving allows us to consolidate our assets, but to reach many of our financial goals it is necessary to go further.

In one of my articles (“The time to start is Now”) I commented on the importance of interest capitalization. As you will remember, the longer the term, the greater the final capital we obtained. However, there is another important variable in this process: the interest rate. A 6% capitalization is not the same as a 10% capitalization. This is precisely the central point: If we want the rate at which our equity is capitalized to be higher, we must be willing to face a greater risk.

This does not mean taking unnecessary risks 

money savings

To better understand this I would like to introduce two simple concepts: income and capital gain. Suppose that two years ago we bought an apartment for USD 150 thousand and we are renting it. The monthly payments we receive for the rent are called “rent,” that is, a constant and periodic flow of income. If at one point in time we decide to sell the apartment for USD 200 thousand, the difference between the purchase and sale price (USD 50 thousand) is called “capital gain.” Keep in mind that the sale price could also be lower than the purchase price (loss of capital = risk). These two elements constitute the pillars on which our heritage is built and consolidated, and in turn serves us to understand.

Difference between saving and investing

money cash

  • Saving seeks to preserve our capital, without risking it. This type of financial asset only generates income. The classic vehicle to achieve this is a savings account or a term deposit. As we pay funds to our account, interest is capitalized and we grow our assets. However, being a low risk alternative, the return (interest rate) is also lower.
  • Investment implies taking a greater risk and allows us to generate income and capital gain (loss). This higher level of risk leads us to a higher average return. When we have ambitious goals, it is necessary to have a professional and diversified investment plan. For example, in developed countries people begin to invest for their children’s college fund since they are born. Likewise, in many places people take parallel investment plans to improve their future retirement pension.

In order for our heritage to grow over time, both elements must be used. Saving allows you liquidity and preservation, while investment generates growth and accumulation. Both are necessary in any wealth generation plan. The savings must be allocated for contingencies of our Human Capital (see “Initial situation before investing”). For example, it is known that our savings fund should cover at least 3 to 6 months of monthly income. Because a savings account is liquid, it will allow us to access our funds immediately before any contingency.

Once this part is covered

money coins

The investment process must begin. To do this we will make a brief analysis of the initial situation and take into account our medium and long term objectives (see “Let’s learn to pay our tip”). We must bear in mind that, unlike saving, investment is a much more complex process, which is why we will surely require the intervention of a financial advisor. Below I detail some of the investment vehicles that will allow us to consolidate this process.

  1. Mutual funds and non-pension funds:
    They allow us to access a diversified portfolio without the need for high investment amounts. This vehicle takes advantage of economies of scale to offer us different alternatives in assets, regions, currencies, etc. The variety of funds is wide, not only at the local level, but especially at the international level.
  2. Direct Investment:
    It is when the investor makes his investments directly through an intermediary (broker or bank). Having no economies of scale, this vehicle requires larger amounts of investment. Additionally, the person is required to have the necessary time to analyze the market options and execute the purchase / sale operations.
  3. Discretionary Administration:
    This alternative is for people or families with a medium or high heritage. It consists of delegating the administration of the assets in a professional manager, who will be in charge of structuring a customized investment portfolio. This alternative is like having your own mutual fund.
  4. Investments in the real sector:
    Purchase of real estate, own company, among others. These types of investments are high risk, insofar as they are concentrated in a single type of asset. They also require high investment amounts and specific knowledge about the sector in which we are entering. Sometimes it is better to make these investments through mutual funds or mutual funds (real estate funds, infrastructure funds, private equities), in order to diversify and reduce risk.

Remember that there is not only savings

money cash

As a vehicle to achieve our financial goals. We must begin to create a culture of heritage investment, which gives us greater alternatives and opportunities in wealth creation. However, they should always be properly advised to avoid taking unnecessary risks. Another important point is to stop thinking that our savings or investment can only be made within the country. Internationally there are greater investment options for all budgets. I invite you to get proper advice and start growing your assets!


Baby loan for home loan repayment

We continue our series of baby loan articles in which we answer the most common questions based on the requests we receive. Following a pattern of specific questions received, we put together a “model couple” through whom we present the terms and conditions for baby loans and other government grants.

We will look at the situation with baby support, whether it is worth replacing your existing home loan, and whether and in what form to apply.

Can they borrow a baby loan?

Can they borrow a baby loan?

According to the decree, Good Finance qualifies for a baby loan because:

  • married,
  • Erika is under 41,
  • Gábor has a 3 year continuous TB relationship,
  • they have no public debt and are not on the negative KHR list.

However, the regulation also states that creditworthiness is to be decided by banks according to their own rules . The creditworthiness of Good Finance is influenced by two factors:

  1. Do you have a minimum income required by the bank?
  2. Can they fit into their monthly income to cancel two loans at once?

We assume that 35% of their income is chargeable under the regulations effective July 2019 because the interest period for a baby loan is 5 years. 35% of their income is HUF 75,250. This way, the maximum repayment limit of $ 50,000 of the 10 million baby loan is just enough to cover the maximum amount of debt allowed, so they can take the full amount.

Is It Possible To Prepay A Home Loan From Baby Waiting Support?

Is It Possible To Prepay A Home Loan From Baby Waiting Support?

The baby loan is non-interest bearing for 5 years from the date of enrollment and only the annual guarantee fee of 0.5% is payable on the principal. So better than any current market-based home loan. So you might want to replace your home loan with your baby waiting room to get rid of the interest burden – at least for most of your home loan.

Why? Remember, with the arrival of your second child, the state will release $ 1 million from your existing home loan. It would be a pity to lose – and if the entire loan is repaid, the state will not have to spend $ 1 million.

How do I prepay my home loan from the baby room?

How do I prepay my home loan from the baby room?

Because baby loans are free to use, people spend whatever they want. You can even prepay an existing loan. In this case, the fees specified in the loan agreement are to be taken into account, which may not be more than 1% of the outstanding debt, in some cases less. It can be prepaid free of charge at 200 000 HUF per year.

Under the regulation, babysitting support is clearly also available for loan redemption. The terms and conditions of the loan redemption will be decided by the lenders previously borrowed according to their own regulations.

Credit Cards and Points Collection

We also mentioned the issue of collecting points and the fidelity cards that companies use to build customer loyalty. A marketing strategy that over time has been extensively refined and that today we see it applied to sectors not necessarily connected to the world of credit cards.


Credit cards and points collection

Credit cards and points collection

In the specific case we can distinguish between generic cards, issued by a given circuit and the cobranded ones. Examples of this are those issued by Alitalia and Trenitalia which rely on credit institutions in their offer of points and loyalty programs to their customers. The advantage in terms of image is remarkable, given that in this way the user can, at the end of a predetermined date, take advantage of the various prizes offered by the company, ie the brand, to make purchases.

Among the various programs that the customer can access, we mention for example the Wish Time . This is a specific program to which customers in possession of a Prestitempo card issued by Visa can access and which entitles them to a varied range of prizes. For every euro spent using the card, a point is accumulated which can then be spent on rewards for home, leisure and technology. With attention also to the social and an ethical mission of the company that allows the cardholder to support projects and solidarity actions with his own points.


Credit cards with cashback

Credit cards with cashback

In the age of digitalization and of an increasingly marked tendency to buy online, there are still initiatives by innovation giants like Paypal, which decided to focus on offline purchases through its PayPal Cashback Mastercard . Also in this case the US giant offered its customers advantageous points collection offers, which they had already successfully experimented with the previous PayPal Extras Mastercard . The current system will allow card holders to earn up to a maximum of 2% on every purchase made, thanks to the cashback mechanism.


The points collection rewards and retains the user customer

The points collection rewards and retains the user customer

As we have seen, the point collection system is a very powerful tool for retaining the customer who obtains concrete advantages thanks to the use of paper. Today, such a marketing model has found widespread use in a wide variety of sectors. In the gaming field, for example, the collection of points, the prizes linked to the performance of certain missions are in games like Fortnite one of the reasons for the great success of the series that has bewitched millions of players. Once a mission has ended, concrete advantages are obtained which, in digital terms, make it possible to invest in the purchase of products and accessories in video games. However, the key aspect both in terms of videogames and finance is always transparency in communication.


Quality online gaming platforms

Quality online gaming platforms

Quality that we find in the field of online gaming on platforms such as Super Esports, the European leader in the sector, which monthly provides its users with a report on the winnings / bets of betting, conveying in this way a transparent and precise communication in which the percentages are indicated in detail of winning every game.
Without the proper proportions, this is what happens in online auction houses where platform users like aBay can see product price changes, the number of users and the expiration of trades in real time. A system that by its very nature must, in order to survive, be based on transparency, fairness and a detailed communication of rewards and points.

Although not an exhaustive article on the varied world of credit cards and the collection of points connected to them, we still wanted to highlight an important aspect that implies the use of the card: namely loyalty programs . In this case, in fact, the choice of a transparent point collection program, perhaps linked to the travel sector with the purchase of airline or train tickets at advantageous prices, could prove to be an excellent choice in terms of savings.